TOP 100 Forex Blogs: List of Best Forex Websites to Follow

Forex Trading Blog

Users are not only allowed to follow the trading activities of other users but they can also learn from one another through sharing personal trading experiences. Zerohedge.comA content aggregator and news website, Zero Hedge contains blogs and reports on the financial sector, economics and Wall Street. If you are looking for a site that informs and makes you laugh, this is the site that can do both for you. Very educational, Zero Hedge is a site from where any trader and investor will gain insights through following its commentaries. The analysis, data and news it delivers help the readers improve their financial situation, improve their efficiency, find solutions to cut their costs and strengthen the growth of their company and investments. Learn how to become a disciplined forex trader with our tips and resources.

  • There is a training university offered as well as trading signals and mentoring as well for paid services.
  • Institutional accounts are offered by FXOpen AU and FXOpen UK. Currently FXopen EU does not offer institutional accounts.
  • I would like to suggest adding DDMarkets to the list, I have been following them for a while and they are pretty good.
  • As a newbie trader, you have constantly been encouraged to practice forex demo t Read More…
  • This site also provides Forex education on a number of diverse topics.

We Introduce people to the world of currency trading and provide educational content to help them learn how to become profitable traders. We’re also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey.

Over-the-counter derivatives are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing substantially more than your initial investment rapidly due to leverage. You should consider whether you understand how over-the-counter derivatives work and whether you can afford to take the high level of risk to your capital. Investing in over-the-counter derivatives carries significant risks and is not suitable for all investors. DonMillerEducation.comHere is another forex educational resource and portal with a number of different training tools and courses.

Forex Trading Blog

A trade order is a request that a trader places on a marketplace or any online investment intermediary to trade on some asset. Without understanding its essence, you will not be able to trade.

Daily Market Outlook, October 4, 2022

Posts stretch back to 2012 so traders who like to revisit the past to learn good lessons for the future will find good value in these older posts, as well as the most current ones too. offers a large number of currency pair forecasts and price evaluations. Traders can learn from the chart pattern analysis as well as the write-ups about each currency pair. The updates to the site with the current analysis are rather regular and multiple pairs are covered each day include S&P 500 as well as Gold and other commodities and indexes.

  • Remember, you should focus on providing value to your readers, not making sales.
  • What’s more, this site provides market reviews, advanced charts, financial calendars, trading analysis and essential tools to help the traders maximize their trading experience.
  • This is very useful for me. i am looking for forex related website.
  • Those posts can greatly improve your position in search engines, and they can show clients that you’re an industry expert.
  • Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
  • We are a group of successful FOREX traders with a combined experience of over 5 decades.

Key economic indicators that many advanced forex traders opt to monitor include the Consumer Price Index , housing stats, gross domestic product , personal consumption expenditures , and the employment report. While inflation needs to be balanced among other economic forces, this rapid rate of inflation deserves the close attention of forex traders. Here are some tips to help you weather the challenges and preserve your capital when trading in an inflationary environment. We’ve Forex Trading Blog written about the benefits of content marketing before, and we’ve advocated blogging as a part of your content marketing efforts. According to HubSpot, 77% of internet users read blogs regularly, and84% of financial services marketerssaid that in 2019 they would spend the same amount or more time blogging than in 2018. Marctomarket.comThis site is an intensive analysis of the global forex and capital markets of which it tries to evaluate and make sense of each market.

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